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What is the unlock code for PE® drives?

To prevent accidental or unintentional changes, Micro-Speed® drives require a code to be entered at the L0 and U0 parameters before any adjustments are allowed in the respective “L” or “U” parameter groups. (Also, the C and CL parameter groups are locked on MX™ and MV™ units.)

The unlock code is 369.

Before changes can be made in the L or U parameter groups, you must enter this code when you are at either parameter L0 or U0. When you are at this parameter, change the default value of “0” to the unlock code by pressing and holding the increase button until the number displayed scrolls up to 369. If you go past the code number, you can press the decrease button to adjust. Once 369 is on the display, you can now poke the scroll button to get to the parameter you wish to change, and then proceed to make the desired change to the parameter value using the Increase or Decrease buttons. If the previous steps were not performed correctly, you will see “CodE” on the display when you try to change the parameter value. This means the parameter group was not unlocked correctly, and you will need to repeat the above steps. A demonstration of how to unlock the U parameter group can be viewed in the video shown here.

There is another type of “Lock” on PE drives, where the LCD display will say “LOC” if you try to change any of the parameters (even the “A” parameter group, which is normally unlocked). If you see this code, start from the “rOFF” or “cOFF” home screen, and press and hold both the Increase and Decrease buttons simultaneously. After a few seconds, the LCD display will read L–U. Use the increase or decrease buttons to change the setting to either “LOC” to lock the unit, or “UnL” to unlock it.

Call or contact PE® if you need any further assistance.