Basics of Using a Drive 2.2 (Video)

The video below offers a basic summary of how to use the programming interface of a PE® VFD.

NOTE: Micro-Speed® drives require a code to be entered in the L0 and U0 parameters before any adjustments are allowed in those parameter groups. (Also C0 and CL0 on MX™ and MV™ units.) The unlock code is 369. You can enter this code by pressing and holding the increase button until the number displayed scrolls up to 369, if you go past this number you can press the decrease button to adjust. Enter the code when you are at the correct parameter either L0 or U0.

Video Topics and Timestamps:

00:31 The "OFF" Screen Display
01:33 Returning the Drive the Default "OFF" screen
03:25 The Programming Interface (How to use the buttons for programming)
04:00 Adjusting a Parameter
06:01 Adjusting a Locked Parameter (Unlock Code and Procedure)
07:12 Parameter Adjustment Summary and Review
07:38 Using the Quick-Scroll Feature
08:30 Gang-Set Programming
09:40 Full Video Summary / Review


“A” Parameter List

Use this table as quick reference for the basic speed and control settings found in the A parameter group. For a listing of the other parameter groups, consult your drive’s User Manual.


Parameter Description Setting Range
A1 Accel 1 0.1-30sec
A2 Accel 2 0.1-30sec
A3 Accel mode 0,1,2,3,4,5
A4 Decel 1 between speeds 0.1-30sec
A5 Decel 2 Quik-stop™ 0.1-30sec
A6 Decel 3 Reverse Plug 0.1-30sec
A7 Decel mode 0,1,2,3,4,5
A8 Voltage Boost 1-30%
A9 Operation Mode 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7
A10 Slip compensation -10 to 10 Hz
A11 n/a n/a
A12 Low speed (F,R) 1- 120Hz
A13 Speed 2 – S2 1- 120Hz
A14 Speed 3 – S2 1- 120Hz
A15 Speed 4 – S2 1- 120Hz
A16 Speed 5 – S2 1- 120Hz
A17 Analog upper limit 1- 120Hz