What does it mean if P.C. 22 is flashing on the display of my drive?

Note: You will only see this code on Ver 2.2 or 4.2 drives (or higher). If the display on your drive alternates between “P.C. 22” and “rOFF” or “cOFF”, this means the drive’s U22 parameter has not yet been set.  This is typically the case when you are installing a new drive. The drive will not accept control input, and will not send power to the motor or brake output until U22 is properly set.

U22 must be set to total motor FLA, and U26 must be set to “ON” or “1” unless separate motor thermal protection is provided by user. Refer to your drive’s manual for more information about the U parameters.

CAUTION: Do not set U22 greater than total motor nameplate amps.

Before you can enter your motor (or group of motors) FLA value at U22, The unlock code must first be entered at the U0 parameter. This code is 369. After holding the “Scroll” button to arrive at the U0 parameter, you can enter the unlock code by pressing and holding the increase button until the number displayed scrolls up to 369. If you go past this number you can press the decrease button to adjust. Once 369 is displayed, you can now poke the scroll button to reach U22 and then use the Increase/Decrease buttons to enter your value. If you have not unlocked the U parameters properly, you will see the word “code” displayed. In that case, return to U0 and re-enter the unlock code.

More information about how to perform the programming steps (including a video of the procedure) can be found HERE.