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F2 Code Help – Motor Thermal Overload

F2 (All Drives ver. 2.2 or 4.2 or higher): Motor Thermal Trip/I^2T Trip

Code Meaning: I^2T Current Trip – the motor temperature is beyond rated capacity. The unit will reset after the motor has time to cool off.

Further Information/Troubleshooting Tips:

Unlike most other event codes, the F2 code cannot be manually cleared by resetting the drive or turning the power to the drive off then on. The drive needs to be powered on while the motor is cooling off – this way the drive will calculate how much time has passed in order to let the motors cool off properly. After some time has passed with the drive on, try clearing the F-code as usual.

If you feel the drive is tripping with F2 codes unnecessarily (nuisance trip), check the following:

  1. Verify that the proper FLA of your motors/group of motors has been entered into the U22 setting.
  2. Check if your motor is rated for 120 Hz. If it is, call PE® for information about changing the drive parameters to work properly with a 120Hz motor.
  3. Check that your Voltage boost setting (A8) is not set too high.
  4. Holding the increase button while your drive is running will show you the current draw of the motors. If you see that the current draw is high, check to see if there are any sources of binding (E.g. Verify that your brakes are not dragging, or that there is any other source of mechanical binding).

NOTE: On some older MX/MV drives, an F2 code was used to signify a Weight Limit Trip (over torque). On newer drives, this code has been changed to F27. If you have older MX/MV drive model, see What troubleshooting steps should I perform if I see F27? for more information.

Call PE® for further assistance if needed.