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What is typical behavior of a PE® drive when a trip event occurs?

How the Micro-Speed® Smart-Move, Micro-Speed® CX™, and Micro-Speed® MV™ drives respond to a trip condition:

When a trip condition occurs, four events will happen:

  1. The Smart-Move, Micro-Speed® CX™ or Micro-Speed® MX/MV™ removes power to the motor, and will stop accepting control input from pendant/radio.
  2. The brake outputs, B1 and B2, will open. This will bring the crane motion to a stop using the brakes.
  3. An event code will be displayed on the drive display. Event codes begin with the letter “F” and are followed by a number.
  4. The event code will be stored at E1–if there was a previous event code, it will be pushed to E2 and so on. If an event code was in E4 it will then be pushed out of memory.

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