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The display on my VFD is blank. What does this mean?

The VFD may not be powered. When the unit is powered, and is sitting idle, the normal display readout will be “rOFF” or “cOFF”.

If you are unable to see anything on your LED display, check the following:

  1. Do you have line voltage connected to at least two out of three of the unit’s “L” terminals? Measure the voltage directly on the terminals to confirm. If no, investigate your panel wiring. The “Charge” light should be lit when there is power connected to the VFD. If voltage is present, proceed to the next step.
  2. Is the display in direct sunlight? Bright light will often wash out the display readout. Shade the display from the light source to confirm.
  3. Remove all output and control wiring from the VFD – everything except for the power leads (L1 – L3). Does the display light up with just the line leads connected? If yes, this may mean you have an issue in your output, or your control circuit wiring. Or, if the display is still blank, this means the VFD will need to be repaired, or replaced by PE.
  4. DO NOT open the VFD housing – there are no internal fuses that can be replaced within the unit if display is not lighting up.

If the unit needs to be sent to PE® for repair, you can fill out the form found here.

Call PE® for further assistance if needed.