How do I select the right PE® VFD or Multi-Vector® drive for my application?

Drive selection is mainly dependent on the answers to the following questions:

  1. Will the drive be used to control a travel motion (bridge, trolleys, rotation, etc.) or to control a hoist? Many of our drives are now “pre-programmed” to control either a traverse motion or hoist motors. Our drives that are programmed to control hoist motors will usually have a model number ending in “H”.
  2. If the drive will be used to control a hoist motor, does the hoist have a mechanical load brake, or is a closed-loop system (with an encoder) required?
  3. What are your motor specifications (HP or kW rating, FLA, RPM, Voltage)?
  4. How many speed control settings would you like?
  5. Do you require analog speed control?
  6. How many other user Auxiliary inputs or controls are required?

Once you have this information, compare your specifications to our list of products. Contact PE® if you require any further help with selecting the correct drive for your application.