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PC22 Programming & Setup (with video)

P.C.22 – Set EXACT motor nameplate FLA (U22)

Meaning: Programming Code 22 – FLA input needed at parameter U22. Also known as pc22, pc 22.

Note: You will only see this code on Ver 2.2 or 4.2 drives (or higher). If the display on your drive alternates between “P.C. 22” and “rOFF” or “cOFF”, this means the drive’s U22 parameter has not yet been set (Motor Overload Setting).  This is typically the case when you are installing a new drive, or after certain changes have been made within the “U parameter” group. The U parameters are where the drive stores motor nameplate data and basic brake settings. These parameters should be set to match the braking operation type and motor specifications used in your application. If the P.C.22 message is flashing on the display, the drive will not accept control input, and will not send power to the motor or brake output until parameter U22 is properly set.


U22 must be set to the total motor FLA (if using more than one motor, add the FLA values of each motor), and U26 must be set to “ON” or “1” unless separate motor thermal protection is provided by the user. Refer to your drive’s manual for more information about the U parameters.

CAUTION: Do not set U22 greater than total motor nameplate amps, and not greater than the FLA rating on the variable speed drive label.

Method for Entering Full Load Amps into the U22 Parameter:

  1. Confirm that the VFD is Version 2.2.
  2. At the “cOFF” readout (or “rOFF” readout), hold the “Scroll” button in until “U” appears. Then release.
  3. The display will show “0”.
  4. Use the “Increase” button to increase the value on the display to “369”. If you go past this number you can press the decrease button to adjust.
  5. Tap on the “Scroll” button (do not hold in), until “U22” is displayed. 
  6. Use the “Increase” button to change the value to the Total Full Load Amps of your motor(s).
  7. Hold in the “Scroll” button until “_OFF” is displayed. Then release.

The VFD is now ready to run, and the “P.C.22” message will no longer be displayed.

The video below demonstrates the programming procedure required to properly set the U22 parameter value. After this procedure is performed, the P.C.22 code will no longer display.