PE® Micro-Speed® Variable Frequency Drives Brands

PE® 3-Phase AC VFDs are known as the MOST RELIABLE in the industry. Read about our entire family of PE® Micro-Speed® drives here.

  • The  Micro-Speed® Ultra® series drives (1-1200 HP+) have all of the features of the CX™ series, plus all features from our previous MX™ and MV™ series. But they are also packed with many new ULTRA features such as our Smart-Set™ parameter upload/download feature, as well as Network/Ethernet, remote web capabilities, and many more!
  • The Micro-Speed® Smart-Move® series is a miniaturized, yet robust and durable line of 3-phase VFDs for use with motors up to 3 HP. Available in both Standard and "RP" Configuration.
  • The Micro-Speed® CX™ series are heavy-duty industrial VFDs with the highest current and temperature ratings in the industry. Ideal for motors 1-40 HP, models available in all 3-phase voltages (208 - 600V).
  • The Micro-Speed® MX/MV™ (legacy) series are advanced and expanded capability AC variable speed drives for bridge, trolley, monorail, and hoist use. MX™ drives are for use with travel motions or with hoists with mechanical load brakes. MV™ drives are for use with "No Load Brake Hoists." Limited legacy models are available. Ultra Series™ has the latest features.
  • Micro-Speed® OEM VFDs and controls can be found in several brands of quality chain hoists. Many of these drives are designed exclusively for these manufacturers and are available for purchase through these manufacturers, respectively.