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Where can I view my list of orders for which I already requested an Order Status ticket?

If you have already submitted a request for Order Status, you can follow up and view the status of that request by logging into your personalized Customer Portal.*

If you would like to continue a conversation related to an Order Status inquiry you already submitted, you can view the listing of your requests HERE.

You can also get to this list by clicking on the "Go to customer portal" links in the header and footer of any page in the Power Knowledgebase (including this page).*

Upon logging into the portal, you will be able to see all of the Order Status inquiries that you have submitted from your email, and you will also be able to see any other requests we have on file for your company/branch location.

*NOTE: If you have not already created a login for the order status follow-up portal, you will be prompted to create a login account when you go to that page.