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How do I perform a Gang-Set® with my drive?

Learn the three simple steps to performing a Gang-Set® on your PE® drive

If you have just installed a PE® drive, or if you would like to return your drive to some recommended default values, you can perform a Gang-Set® to help you get up-and-running quickly. When the drive is Gang-Set®, each “A” parameter is programmed to a factory chosen value. Since each A parameter is reprogrammed each time a Gang-Set® is initiated, all previous custom adjustments to the A parameters will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended that all fine-tuning of individual A parameters must be done after a Gang-Set®, and not before.

Performing a Gang-Set® is simple and quick!

  1. Make sure your drive is in the idle state, and displays either “rOFF” or “cOFF”. From there, press and hold down all three buttons on the drive, until either “Pb” or “Ph” appears.
  2. Then use the increase or decrease buttons to choose the desired program using the Gang-Set® descriptions found in your manual.
  3. Next hold the scroll button until you are back to the OFF screen. It’s a simple as that! The settings from the Gang-Set® have now been loaded into your drive.

A video of the Gang-Set procedure can be viewed here.