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How can I reset my drive after an event code is displayed?

Resetting the drive after a trip

The drive will not accept any control input while an event code is displayed. The event code can be cleared by resetting the drive. The method by which the Micro-Speed® Smart-Move, Micro-Speed® CX™, or Micro-Speed® MX/MV™ drives may be reset is determined by a specific programming parameter. For the Smart-Move® and CX™ models, it is parameter L27; and for the MX/MV™ models, it is parameter C10. By default, all of the drives are programmed to reset when the directional button on the pendant station is toggled (press-release). No matter what method is programmed in the above parameters, you can always perform a reset by removing power from the drive (disconnect mainline) and then wait for the charge light to go off,  then turning on the line power feeding the drive.

A video demonstrating how to perform a reset with the default method can be viewed {here}.