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F6 or F7 Code Help – Auxiliary Input Trip (Programmable)

F6 or F7 (All PE® VFD models): Auxiliary 1 (F6) or Auxiliary 2 (F7) Trip

Code Meaning: An external device (overload, limit switch, etc.) has tripped, sending a signal to the AX1 or AX2 terminal – triggering the drive to trip according to the user-established programming.

NOTE: An F6 code is common on many other types of devices (air conditioners, etc.). If you see an F6 code on a device that is not a Power Electronics Intl.® variable frequency drive, this F6 code description does not apply to your item.

Further Information/Troubleshooting Tips:

Determine the reason the external devices have tripped and repair if necessary. If this trip occurs during installation, double-check wiring and the operation of the attached devices. Also, check that the Auxiliary Trip Modes (L28 on most drives) has been programmed appropriately. Keep in mind the drive can be set to trip when power is removed or when power is supplied to the Aux terminals.

NOTE: If you have two drives running in tandem, you may often see an F6 or F7 code because the drives have been programmed to trip using the Aux inputs if the other drive is not ready. In this case, be sure to clear the F – codes on both drives in order to resume operation.

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