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F45 Code Help – Motion Test Failed / Binding

F45 (MMX/MMV): Binding

Code Meaning: Failed motion test after the begin brake test. May be caused by a slow reaction of a DC brake.

Further Information/Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Was this drive just installed? Make sure that you complete the motor tuning procedure before attempting to run the drive.
  2. Does your hoist have a DC motor brake? If so, and if that brake is slow to open, this might be causing an F45 at the beginning of the run. If this applies to your application, go to step 5. If this does not apply, continue with step 3.
  3. If this drive was running properly previously, and you are now starting to see F45 codes, something is causing a binding after the brake is signaled to release (or the brakes may not actually be releasing at all). Check the crane’s physical elements for sources of binding (check bearings, gears, misalignment, etc.).
  4. Run the drive in test mode to confirm that the brakes are actually releasing when you try to run. See steps for test run mode here. If the brakes ARE NOT releasing (or dragging) when you do this test, address the issue with your brakes and then retry this step. If the brakes ARE releasing in this mode and no binding is heard or seen while running in test mode, go to step 4.
  5. If you cannot locate a physical source of binding, or if your motor brake is slow to open consult PE® for adjustment help.