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F4 Code Help – Low Bus Voltage

F4 (All Drives): Low Bus Voltage

Code Meaning: The voltage across the main buss capacitors has dropped below a preset level. This fault is a normal occurrence every time power is removed from the device. This fault is not saved in the diagnostic memory E1-E4 since the drive will not operate while displaying F4 as long as the low voltage condition persists. This also saves the memory E1-E4 for other, more severe fault codes. This means that an F4 code is a normal occurrence and typically does not suggest a problem on its own. Check the diagnostic memory locations E1-E4 for other event codes if further troubleshooting is necessary.

Further Information/Troubleshooting Tips:

Q1: Are you seeing this trip NOT while powering down, but while trying to run normally? If Yes, then check the following potential causes:

  1. The Line Voltage is too low. If your drive has just been installed and this fault is displayed, the unit is probably set for use with a higher 3-phase line voltage than that to which it is presently wired.
  2. If you are seeing an F4 code just prior to moving, there may be a problem with your mainline power (check that your mainline contactor is closing properly on all three phases).
  3. Damage to the drive. In this event the F4 fault code will always be displayed every time the unit it powered up. Contact PE® for repair/replacement options.

Call PE® for further assistance if needed.