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F35 or F36 Code Help – Encoder Speed Too Fast

F35 or F36 (MMX/MMV): Encoder Speed

Code Meaning: The encoder is running too fast in the Up (F35) or Down (F36) direction.

Further Information/Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Check your control input using E8. Make sure that the UP signal is tied to the Forward input terminal, and the DOWN command is tied to the Reverse input. If this is backwards, you will have to change the Forward/Reverse wires, and also reverse one pair of encoder wires (e.g. swap either A+/A- or B+/B-). Lastly you will also have to swap two T-leads to your motor to reverse the motor direction.
  2. Is the F-code only happening when going into high speed? If so, check if your motor is rated for 120 Hz. If it is, call PE® for information about changing the drive parameters to work properly with a 120Hz (or any other non-60Hz) motor.
  3. It may help to increase the CL6 (for F35) or CL7 (for F36) parameter by several Hz.

Call PE® for further assistance.