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F33 Code Help – Tracking Error

F33 (MMX/MMV/VCP): Tracking Error

Code Meaning: There is a discrepancy between the drive output speed and the feedback from the encoder.

Further Information/Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Check the physical aspects of the motor encoder. For example, check that the encoder bracket and coupling is tight, or if the encoder is on a shaft that is driven by gears, check that your gears are meshing correctly. Also make sure that the encoder is not being pulled or misaligned while the motor is running. Make adjustments to the encoder coupling and brackets as necessary.
  2. Perform an encoder test by setting U48 to 1 and running in test mode at U49. While running at full speed, you should see a clean readout of 1.00. If you do not see this value you may have an encoder issue. If you get a value of -1.00 while running in test mode, this means the direction of the encoder is wired backward and you need to swap one pair of your encoder channels (for example you can switch the A+ and A- OR switch B+ and B-). Be careful if you are swapping wires to reverse the direction: DO NOT swap/mix an A wire with a B wire, and DO NOT swap the +/- wires from BOTH channels, do one pair only!)
  3. Make sure that your brake is fully releasing and there is no binding from the brake.
  4. Is the F33 code happening during acceleration or deceleration? If so, check your accel. (A1) and decel. (A4) parameters and make sure they are not set too low. If either of those parameters are set too low (especially if they are set to a value lower than 1.0) try increasing the value to a higher value and testing.
  5. Is the F33 code only happening when going into high speed? If so, check if your motor is rated for 120 Hz. If it is, call PE® for information about changing the drive parameters to work properly with a 120Hz motor.
  6. Check your control input using E8. Make sure that the UP signal is tied to the Forward input terminal, and the DOWN command is tied to the Reverse input. If this is backwards, you will have to change the Forward/Reverse wires, and also reverse one pair of encoder wires (e.g. swap either A+/A- or B+/B-). Lastly you will also have to swap two T-leads to your motor to reverse the motor direction.

Call PE® for further assistance if needed.