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F25 Code Help – Extra Encoder Pulses

F25 (MMX/MMV): Extra Encoder Pulses

Code Meaning: The drive is receiving too many encoder pulses – may be noise.

Further Information/Troubleshooting Tips:

First make sure that the setting at U30 matches your encoder pulse output, and change as necessary. Next check that your encoder is wired correctly and also make sure the encoder is properly grounded. Consult the documentation or manual for your encoder as necessary. If you are still seeing this code, it may be helpful to run the drive in test mode (U49) with U48 set to 17 to detect noise levels, and to see if there are specific times when the noise is occurring. If the noise appears when the brake is setting/releasing, your brake contactors may be causing interference with the encoder. Isolate and shield encoder wiring if possible to reduce sources of EMF noise.

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